McConnell refurbishes, improves, and maintains buildings and structures across the UK. We offer high quality, straightforward and dependable services.

We are a group of people, and it is how we act and perform individually, and as a team, that defines our service. It is therefore important that our people understand the behaviours and responsibilities that are at the core of “being McConnell.”

Our fundamental value is “CARE.” We believe that the services that we provide and, the level of care that we extend to each-other, our customers, our supply chain partners and all other people affected by our service, is what defines us most.

CARE is at the core of everything that we strive to deliver…

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We feel a moral responsibility to do our work safely and carefully while being fair to others. We care about the service we provide. We will not turn a blind eye or walk away. Our consciences will compel us to do our best and intervene if something is not right.


We will try to be helpful and improve understanding. We will seek to collaborate and see things from all points of view. We will engage and work with people and organisations in the pursuit of fair and equitable outcomes.


We have our own unique character that underpins a positive business culture. We identify as individuals and we embrace diversity. We encourage ingenuity and challenging the “norm”. We want people to enjoy life, enjoy work and retain a sense of humour.


We will take personal responsibility for what we do and our role in the service we provide. We will not compromise on the standards we set for our ourselves or others. We will hold ourselves accountable to each other and our customers and we will always ensure that clear lines of communication are available, accessible and functioning properly.


Whilst we will strive for consistency, we understand that sometimes we will need to adapt to suit conditions. We will retain our agility and we will plan for the changes that enable us to constantly improve our performance.


We accept that we are human and we and others will sometimes make mistakes. We will not bury our heads in the sand or go missing in action. We will own our mistakes; we will correct them and we will learn from them. Our communications will be transparent and our collaborative attitude will help mitigate the mistakes of others.


We will do our best to be deserving of trust and inspire confidence. We will always try to do what we say we’re going to do, and if circumstances change so that we can’t, we will communicate that in a timely, open, and effective manner.


We are resilient and determined to succeed. When we accept a task, we will show drive, tenacity, and persistence to complete it to the appropriate standards.


We will act in a considerate and respectful way. We will be mindful of the effect of our actions on people’s feelings. We will treat people equally and will not discriminate for any reason.


We have a strong moral compass that guides our behaviours. We conduct ourselves with care for the environment and a social conscience. We will maintain our integrity and will protect the well-being of our people. We have the courage to do the right thing even when it is difficult.


We will appropriately empower our people so that they can take proper responsibility and be effective in their roles. We will provide a suitable support structure and operating system that underpins their day-to-day success and their workplace experience.


We won’t simply “follow the herd.” We will continue developing our own identity and performance culture. We will strive to learn and improve. We will keep things simple and will focus on delivering exceptional services that should make customers want to work with us. CARE will be at the core of everything that we do.